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AeroSoft fulfills a unique role in the CFD market. During the past few years, our first product GASP became the NASA industry standard and is now used by NASA for verification purposes. As a result of this early acceptance by NASA in 1993, AeroSoft formed a strategic partnership with Silicon Graphics (SGI) to jointly market SGI’s Power challenge computer with GASP. Another result of NASA’s early acceptance was the desire by airframers and engine manufacturers to purchase GASP. In 1996, AeroSoft signed a licensing agreement with Cray computers to develop and market the GASP CFD computer code optimized for performance on Cray computer hardware. AeroSoft’s relationship with NASA, Silicon Graphics, Cray, and Hewlett-Packard affords AeroSoft with a unique competitive advantage.

AeroSoft is committed to accelerating the rate at which it brings new CFD capabilities to the aerospace and military markets. Since its inception, the company has strategically utilized the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to fund innovative research and development and then teamed with strategic allies and/or utilized internal funding to complete the latter stages of product development. The first commercially available product, GASPv2.2 was released in the spring of 1994. In 1994, AeroSoft completed two Phase II SBIR’s sponsored by NASA which provided support for the development of GASPv3 and our unstructured CFD software, GUST. GASPv3 became commercially available in June 1995. AeroSoft has completed the development work on both GUSTv1 (released in December, 1998) and SENSE (released in December, 1998). GASP v4 will be released sometime in mid-1999.

All of AeroSoft's contracts have been completed in a timely fashion and on budget. In addition, various commercial licenses to use Aerosoft software are held by 47 organizations including 9 universities, 14 government facilities, 20 commercial entities, and 4 overseas organizations. AeroSoft has been engaged in general consulting and contracting work for some of the major aircraft companies including The Boeing Company, McDonnell Douglas Corporation, General Dynamics, Pratt & Whitney, and General Electric. We have also been team members of the Aero-Thermal Technology Development Program sponsored by the U.S. Army Strategic Defense Command.

AeroSoft occupies a 4,600 square-foot site in the Corporate Research Center (CRC) in Blacksburg, Virginia. The CRC is an economic development initiative of the Virginia Tech Foundation whose mission is to build creative partnerships between world-class research and private/public enterprises. The center occupies 120 acres, eleven buildings and 51 businesses employing over 800 people. The facility meets the environmental laws and regulations of federal, state, and local governments. As tenants of the CRC, AeroSoft benefits from the use of spacious conference rooms, communication equipment, and rapid Internet access. Additionally, AeroSoft employees are entitled to the faculty privileges at Virginia Tech including use of the three prestigious libraries located on campus.

Aerosoft maintains a local network consisting of various LINUX workstations and PC’s. These resources are used to perform much of the software development and flow visualization post-processing for contract and applications work.