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GASP: Release Notes

Current GASP Version: 5.2.2

New Features in v5.2.2

  • Added an option to print license information from the command line. This is done using: gasp --license
  • Added number density to the list of available variables in the user defined variables dialog for output and visualization.
  • Added velocity, pressure, and density gradients to the output variables (Note: this addition resulted in a change to the units.txt file which may produce warning messages).
  • The residual output now displays x,y,z data for the maximum residual when running unstructured.
  • Added a "Display Grid Info" option to the "Zones" -> "Grid Mgt" window in the GUI.
  • Added a new feature to create a gas species from a mixture of species in the database GUI.
  • Updated the CFL ramp to include linear, log, and residual based ramping. This is a new option in the time integration.
  • Implemented Modified Fick's law in conjunction with the use of Lennard Jones integrals to compute collision cross section integrals. This supports a new option for modeling species diffusion.
  • Added print statements to output concerning solution initialization upon solver execution.
  • Added support for copying information from a "Visualization" folder to a new "File Output" folder using drag-n-drop within the GUI.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug involving the archive increment number when restoring an archive and restarting. After restart, the next archive increment was wrong. Fixed a bug involving archive recovery in GUI.
  • Operator splitting can now be used with Dual-Time stepping and unstructured grids. Before, this was an invalid operation and resulted in an error.
  • Real stoichiometric coefficients in reactions can now be used with operator splitting, as well as the global limiting options.
  • Fixed a bug in the non-dimensionalization of pointwise data for solid thermodynamics.
  • Fixed a bug when moving data nodes within a vtk input folder or moving from one folder to another.

Misc Items

  • Increased GUI display precision for the Navier-Stokes QSpec parameters.
  • Added an input flag (from the .gsp file only) to dump all NaN locations if requested. Save GUI with "Include All XML" and then search input deck file for DumpAllNan.
  • The GUI input for non-equilibrium vibrational species now checks for the max possible value allowed.
  • Added a check to the thermo-chemistry database to warn if the electron, e- is not the last species in the list within a given model. This is the current policy when using the electron species.
  • Changed the Jacobian option for the DVODE solver to be numerical instead of analytical.
  • The GUI highlight node feature is off by default. To use it run the GUI with --highlight.

Release Date: December 2015

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