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GASP: Demo Request

Requesting a Demo of GASP

AeroSoft offers a 60-day free trial license for GASP Version 5. Due to current U.S. Government export restrictions, AeroSoft packages a domestic and export version of GASP. The domestic version is for use within the United States and by American citizens or legal residents. If you are located outside the United States or are not a citizen of the United States, you will need to obtain an export license and use the export version, GASPex.

GASPex does not include certain components which are specifically removed as a result of the Department of State's Commodity Jurisdiction Determination. These components are: the thermodynamic models in which the non-equilibrium energy due to vibration of either individual species or lumped mixture is modeled through differential vibrational energy equation(s), dynamic rigid body kinematics motion models for use in time dependent calculations, and all gas laser models.

To request a domestic demo of GASP, proceed to Request Download

To request an export demo of GASP, please fill out the form: Export License Request