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GASP: Downloads


The tutorials listed below are distributed in the standard download and contain only the grid file and documentation. Input decks which are ready to run, as well as completed solutions, can be downloaded using the links below.


A simple 2-dimensional single zone internal duct problem. This problem is designed to be the first tutorial when learning GASP. (download)


A more complex, multi-zone, 3-dimensional problem. This problem builds on the Duct tutorial and introduces the user to zonal boundaries. (download)


A simple, 3-dimensional analytic forebody problem. This problem is designed to cover aspects of the space marching algorithm in GASP. (download)


An axi-symmectric high speed blunt body with a cavity located in the nose. This tutorial discusses the techniques used to obtain a time dependent solution about a simple geometry. (download)


A complex, 3-dimensional wing-body problem discritized using an overset grid topology. This example discusses aspects of the Chimera zonal boundary set-up. Note: This problem is over 1 million grid points, and is larger than the other tutorials. (download)


An introduction to solution visualization using the GASP GUI. This tutorial helps both new and existing users learn basic visualization techniques. A 3-dimensional biconic problem is used for this tutorial. (download)