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GASP: FAQ & Tips

What is the difference between export and domestic versions of GASP?

Due to government control, AeroSoft is not allowed to make certain features of the GASP code available to customers outside the U.S. and to non U.S. citizens. The export GASP version (GASPex) does not contain: non-equilibrium vibrational energy modeling, prescribed or unprescribed moving body motion modeling, and gas laser support.

How do I know when a problem is converged?

The residual is one measure of convergence, but do NOT rely on it solely. GASP allows the user to print out data on cycle increments. Use this feature to plot data that is relevant to the problem. For example, monitor skin friction values to ensure that the boundary layer is converged. For inviscid problems, monitor the pressure or forces.

How does post-processing work in GASP?

Post-processing can be performed from one of three ways.
(1) From within the GUI
(2) By setting up automated file outputs during the run
(3) From batch (command line) which supports MPI

How does the license manager work?

AeroSoft uses the RLM license software. Most licenses issued by AeroSoft are floating licenses. In other words, a single seat allows users to run a single GASP job on any platform with any number of processors (AeroSoft does not limite the number of processors a job can use). A single computer can act as the license server, which should be located on the local network. For more information on the RLM license server, see the GASP Users Manual (Chapter 2, Using GASP).