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GASP: Solution Gallery

Pulse Detonation Engine

A time accurate simulation of a PDE (pulse detonation engine) using a hydrogen-air model and finite-rate chemistry. Click for movie

Pulse Engine

Spinning Missile

A time accurate simulation of a spinning missile with dithering canards. Motion was prescribed, Mach 1.5, spinning at around 3000 deg/sec, at 3 deg aoa. Courtesy of Dynetics

spinning missile

Jet Interaction

Multiple jet interaction computation. Two sonic jets with normal injection into a supersonic flow. The flow domain was 3-D and the Wilcox k-omega turbulence model was used. Mach contours displayed.

jet interaction

Apache Helicopter

An Apache helicopter simulation with mixing gas. Courtesy of Dynetics.

Apache Helicopter

Interceptor Missile

Velocity vectors colored by temperature depicting the separation and recirculation region upstream of a control jet thruster on a finned interceptor missile. This 3-D, turbulent, chemically-reacting CFD calculation was performed with GASP on a Cray T90. Courtesy of SY Technology

Finned Missile

Dual-Nozzle Rocket

GASP has been used to obtain a solution for a dual-nozzle missile at Mach 5.72 and an altitude of 47.8 Km.

Dual-Nozzle Missile

Space Shuttle

Mach 1.3 flow about space shuttle orbiter using GASP v4 with chimera grids. Grids system courtesy of R. Gomez,

NASA Johnson Space Center Space Shuttle

Hypersonic Design

As part of the Hypercomputing & Design (HPCd) project at Rutgers University, GASP was used as a tool for CFD simulations.

Design Inlet

Shock Boundary Layer Interaction

Hypersonic shock wave boundary layer interaction around a double cone geometry. See Reference.

Shock Interaction

DES Simulation

Iso-surface of velocity for an Apollo capsule detached eddy simulation. Click for movie

SSTO Vehicle

SSTO Vehicle

Mach contours for a generic Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) vehicle.

SSTO Vehicle


Pressure contours on an F-16 using an unstructured mesh.



Pressure contours and particle traces for Mach 6.0 flow over a missile with an aerospike.


Missile Design

Supersonic flow over a missile body with a wrap-around fin. This work was accomplished at the Aeromechanics Division of the Air Force Research Laboratories

Missle Fin Wrap

Pontiac Fiero

This figure shows the mach contours of a 60 mph flow over a Pontiac Fiero. Geometry obtained from SGI demos.

Pontiac Fiero

Supersonic Forebody

Inviscid flow of a perfect gas about an analytically defined surface representing a generic high-performance aircraft forebody.



Wing and fuselage of High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT) at Mach 2.4.


Payload Fairing

Flow through multi-port payload fairing vents on the Tital IV vehicle. The above figure represents pressure contours. Grid compliments of Lockheed Martin, Denver.