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GASP: Release Notes

Current GASP Version: 5.3.1

New Features in v5.3.1

  • Added unstructured support for the solid thermodynamic physical model, including support for conjugate heat transfer simulations.
  • Added unstructured support for the material stress physical model, as well as a few new boundary conditions.
  • Added unstructured support for the spray Lagrange physical model.
  • Implemented a "Fixed at Q (Cylindrical Coord)" boundary condition, where the primary axis and origin of the system are specified in `Special BC Data'.
  • The Navier-Stokes gas and liquid models are now selected using a dialog allowing the user the see more information about the model before changing it in the input deck.
  • The conservartive overlap interpolation is now supported for unstructured grids (GUI feature).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an import CGNS bug that was occuring due to an initialization issue. Also fixed an import issue involving structured-unstructured zonal boundaries.
  • Fixed an Ensight output bug when interpolation type `faces to nodes' was being used.
  • Fixed an MPI output from solver bug when exporting residuals or wall distance.
  • Fixed an output bug when wall distance was required and grids were mixed structured and unstructured.
  • Fixed an unstructured zonal boundary bug that would occur if a zone was completely surrounded by other zones.

Misc Items

  • The user can set an environment variable (AEROSOFT_BC_BTN_OFF) that causes the BC list to revert back to the old behavior (v5.3.0) of a select list instead of a pop-up window.
  • The default time integration solver is now GMRES (unless running on windows in which case GMRES is not supported).
  • JPEG files can now be exported with Snapshots in addition to PNG and TIFF.
  • Added the $t token support for time to Snapshots and Movie file names.
  • Updated the Auto Decomp logic to better load balance when multiple run groups were being used.
  • Memory estimates for processors were updated for better accuracy.
  • Added verbose output to the solver (use --verbose) to give more information when the solver is running.
  • Added an option to the solver to print out the memory use at the end of run (use --meminfo).
  • Added support for buoyancy for both structured and unstructured Navier-Stokes. Added support for the generic source feature for unstructured.

Release Date: August 2018

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