Providing Quality CFD
Software and Solutions



AeroSoft offers complete turn-key simulations. Given the details of the problem, we can generate the grid, compute the CFD solution, and post-process the results. Each customer receives specialized attention from start to finish. What we offer:

  • Efficient mesh generation
  • High-fidelity flow solutions
  • Detailed analysis of results

Custom Modeling

AeroSoft works closely with customers to support their modeling needs. Whether this involves implementing new boundary conditions, turbulence models, or other physical models, we have the expertise and willingness to handle most requests. What we offer:

  • Implementation of user specific models
  • Integration of GASP with other software

Software Training

AeroSoft is the sole developer and distributor of GASP. Because our goal is to make the user successful when using GASP, we place a high priority on customer training. Our training is designed for both potential, new, and existing customers. What we offer:

  • Personal interaction with an AeroSoft professional
  • Classes held each Spring and Fall at AeroSoft, Inc.
  • On-site training available for existing customers

Customer Support

AeroSoft stands behind its products and its customers. As a small company, we value each individual customer and will work hard to make using our software successful. What we offer:

  • Advice on setting up problems and running the solver
  • Machine specific GASP support (OS, MPI, etc.)
  • Yearly support with purchase or renewal of GASP