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Support: Export License Request

Please complete the form below to begin the license request. Leaving any fields blank will delay this process. DO NOT PUT A POST OFFICE BOX AS YOUR STREET ADDRESS.

YOU MUST ALSO SEND US A LETTER OF EXPLANATION to be submitted along with your export license request. This letter of explanation must contain the following information:

  • The identities of all parties to the transaction.
  • The exact project location where the technology will be used.
  • The specific uses for which the data will be employed.
  • If obtaining the software will involve a third party, provide all information pertinent to that organization.
  • An explanation of the process, product, size, and output capacity of all items to be produced with the technology, if applicable, or other description that delineates, defines, and limits the data to be transmitted.

Approval for export licenses usually take 8-12 weeks. We will let you know when the license has been approved and will provide you with download information at that time.

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