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Support: License Information

License Definitions

Binary License: This floating-seat license will allow anyone who can connect to the server running the license manager to run the licensed product. The number of jobs running simultaneously is limited to the number of seats purchased. Purchasing Examples: A user has a 48 node linux cluster and two four-core workstations. The user purchases two floating-seat licenses for GASP. The license manager daemon is installed on the first of the two workstations (the license server). Users on the linux cluster and the second workstation may run the GASP flow solver if they are on the same network as the first workstation used as the license server. A total of two Flow Solver jobs may run simultaneously. Each Flow Solver job may be running on multiple processors (e.g., Job No. 1: 16-processor on the linux cluster, Job No. 2: two processors on first workstation and four processors on second).

License Upgrades

All licenses include unlimited software upgrades for the duration of the license. Yearly licenses will receive unlimited upgrades during the year, while perpetual licenses will receive unlimited upgrades as long as the yearly maintenance fee is up-to-date.